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Work for Aaron


Height adjustable cssd sink

All hospitals in Australia are now required to provide height-adjustable equipment to their staff to reduce work-related injuries. The design brief was to develop a suite of sinks for the reprocessing of endoscopes in the central sterile services department. All sinks were to provide 200mm of height adjustment.

Responsible for design and manufacturing, as well as sourcing, testing and incorporating the moving leg and plumbing systems. The final product provides clearance for the knees and feet of the user, as well as a flat wrist-rest for comfort when cleaning for longer periods.

Industrial Design




Height adjustable cssd

packing tables

The height-adjustable CSSD (central sterile services department) tables are used to inspect and package dirty surgical equipment into special wrappings for sterilisation. The packing tables hold all of the materials and tools required for the task in easily accessible positions.

The design brief was to develop two adjustable tables with modularity that allowed for all of the possible accessories. Variations range from a basic table, with only a drawer and a lower wire rack, to a fully equiped table.

Responsible for design and manufacturing, as well as sourcing, testing and incorporating the height adjustable technical package.

Industrial Design




Teppanyaki + BBQ plate

Introduced a fresh visual language to the re-launch of 40 year old cookware manufacturer, Teppi. Responsible for implementing brand principles throughout the design process and developing products, packaging, branding, marketing materials and organising production.

Industrial Design + Branding




balustrade system

Exploration of custom aluminium extrusions for screw-together balustrades. The design brief focussed on increasing the likelihood of architectural specification with aesthetic refinement and improving assembly and installation for sub-contractors for pricing efficiency.

Industrial Design




cast baking trays

The design brief was to prevent the flat base of the existing baking tray, used by large commercial bakeries, from warping when in a hot baking line, as the small amount of distortion was causing weight issues in their baked product.

Collaborated with mechanical engineers for FEA and rib development and provided visualisations of the final concept. Responsible for production-ready CAD modelling and ensuring that the existing casting moulds could be modified to suit the new design, as we were not cutting new tooling.

CAD + Visualisation


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